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 Application forms & its expectations.

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Application forms & its expectations. Empty
PostSubject: Application forms & its expectations.   Application forms & its expectations. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 8:07 pm

There are rules into getting accepted and being a GM.
As you know, GMs are to be taken seriously as to everybody looks up to those who aren't one. So if you don't tolerate for even writing an application, it will be rejected.


1. You must follow all the directions in how the application forms require you to fill out.
I'm not brutal, but, if you don't follow the instructions directed in the form you wanted to apply to, then it shows that you're really not that serious. I will allow a second chance if you can convince me that you've put a lot of effort in your application. I understand that we're not all perfect. However, vital mistakes will not be avoided.

2. When you fill out one, I except you to not have an attitude. Saying, "I'VE BEEN A GM 2000 TIMES. I'M REALLY PRO AT IT AND EVERYBODY LOVES ME THERE!!"
First, I'm a newborn GM. I'm still not used to getting codes out or even remembering them. If you brag about it, it would kinda make me feel pathetic that I'm a beginner.
Second, I tend to hate the fact that people would brag about their occupation. It doesn't really impress me if you say "I helped over 900 people, everybody loves me, I was their best." Those are based on your opinions. I have to base it on facts. I won't do anything extreme, but you have to make me believe that you'd be a helpful fellow in this community.
Last, this community is private. That's the main reason why it's called SecretStory. I normally intended to only invite friends but they've all been inactive lately. If I see any rudeness in your application, it will automatically be rejected.

That is all. I will fill out more rules if I find anything important.
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Application forms & its expectations.
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